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Adref Newyddion Hanes Digwyddiadau Cysylltu


The Choir will be featured in two programmes on Television in the coming weeks.

Firstly on the 31st January the Choir will be appearing on the welsh programme 'Noson Lawen' on S4C which was recorded in Dolgellau. And secondly the Choirs version of Uprising by Muse will be featured at some stage during Scrum V Six Nations preview show on Sunday the 1st February.

We are not sure as to how the song will be featured but we are certainly looking forward to hearing this item.

2015 is starting well for us.


At last our version of ‘Uprising’ by Muse is now available to download on Itunes.

You can buy it here!


14/9/15 - Festival No.6 2015

How time flies. The fourth Festival No 6 was upon us and we were lucky enough to get an invite back to this

magical event. This year was different in that we were told that we could ‘do our own thing’ and that we did not have to do a cover version of one of the headline acts so we chose one for ourselves and hoped it would be as well received as previous efforts. Grace Jones would have been very difficult to cover, so to speak !!!

This year was different. We had our normal Friday night performance but on the Saturday we would be taking part in the World Premier of a 3D audio version of Under Milk Wood by Keith Allen showing on a big screen in the Piazza with the Choir singing ‘La Vergine’ at the beginning of the film with Buddug Verona James as a soloist and then Eli Jenkins Prayer at the end.

The Friday night arrived with grey clouds overhead, would this dampen the spirits of the audience? ….. Not in a million years. The reception, once again was amazing with people packed in at every vantage point which never ceases to amaze us. And so to the performance. Halfway through and two things happened… one, the heavens opened, and two unfortunate technicians had to stand, holding a plastic sheet over Liz our accompanist, so not only did she have soggy copies, and a headtorch she now couldn’t see the Conductor but somehow or other managed to keep going. This coincided with the ‘premier’ of our cover song namely One Day Like This by Elbow which was received at the end by a fantastic reception, and as several twitter users remarked “the best yet”. At the end of our ‘set’, the response was brilliant.

The Saturday performance posed numerous problems. The Choir had to start singing La Vergine exactly three seconds after the opening credits started, which sounds easy except the Choir, Conductor and accompanist were behind the screen!! With John peering into the darkness for a cue, we came in, smack on time. The soloist Buddug James complimented the Choir perfectly with a performance that was both powerful and sensitive as required. Again, comments on the internet remarked “a magical experience”. Many Thanks to Buddug.

We arrived on Sunday for our final performance in bright sunshine and no wind…. Perfect. The afternoon performance always has the question of whether the audience will be as numerous as previously. No problem, there were people everywhere, stretching to all corners of the Piazza. Even when Liz walked down to check the keyboard, dressed in her glittering sequined Welsh flag dress, the applause rang out. It bode well for the rest of the performance.

And so it was, the Choir revisited past Festival covers and sang Uprising by Muse with Rich Roberts giving his all in the solo bit, Blue Monday which had started our adventure off in 2012, and another performance of our Elbow cover which again received a fantastic response. The response at the end was breathtaking for the Choir and this always amazes us as a large number of those present would not normally go within a hundred miles of a Male Voice Choir concert, but here they were, on their feet and cheering and shouting for more.

So that was it, singing done, many interviews and filming completed, a very tiring but stupendous weekend.

Many, many thanks to John our Conductor and Liz our accompanist who as always did a fantastic job. To Festival N.o6, Portmeirion and the absolutely fantastic audiences. Diolch yn fawr iawn.



Photographs of the Choirs recent appearance at the Grand opening of Llechwedd’s newest attraction are available to view on our Gallery page.


Well, after months of practice the big day had arrived. The Brythoniaid competing at the National Eisteddfod for the first time in years with a long trip to Abergavenny, yes a North Wales Choir travelling South to compete.....very risky. It was a very early start for the Choir, too early for one member, who missed the coach but much to his credit he then drove alone all the way down, with a slight detour to Welshpool!!!!!!!!!

On arrival at the Eisteddfod site the weather was very warm and with little time to spare, into the nearest marquee for a rehearsal. This can be a confidence breaker, but it went well with John reasonably happy. Then with the Choir singing next to last  it was the long wait for the competition with eight very good choirs taking part, it was going to be some challenge.

At last our time came, with nerves jangling, especially for a number of members who had not competed before, and even for those who had, we took to the stage. We had heard many of the Choirs before us sing so we knew that the standard was very high. It was lovely to hear our supporters cheering us on. Straight into our first song, Liz giving us our opening few notes, before we began, unaccompanied, into Jerusalem from I Lombardi. One thing which was evident was the focus on John and the response to his conducting.

This one went well and gave us confidence to the second song, the unaccompanied, Kwmbayah. This song looks simple to sing but is full of tuning pitfalls. At its conclusion, it was a good sign to see all three judges applauding and the reaction of the audience. The final 'big' song "Bryniau Melynion" by Gareth Glyn. This song is always a challenge at the best of times but we managed to get to it's climactic end without collapsing, especially the first tenors. Our performance ended with a smile on John Eifion’s face, which doesn't happen often, so we were happy with our performance.

Then it was the long wait for the adjudication with lots of unofficial adjudications taking place between us with all sorts of results being aired. Then came the official version. Most of the Choirs collecting in the waiting area together to listen. This is the worst part of the whole proceedings. As the adjudicator went through each choir in turn being very constructive in his appraisals. The he came to us and was very complimentary from the outset, but we were all waiting for the dreaded word "but", it did not come. Then the result, Cor Meibion Taf third, Cor Meibion Machynlleth second, and first.......... Y Brythoniaid.

To say it went rather crazy at the rear of the pavilion is an understatement. The emotion of the moment was clear to see especially when John joined us with the trophy, with many a tear being shed. Even for those who had experienced this before, it was a special moment.

A huge thank you is due to both John Eifion our conductor and Liz Ellis our accompanist for their extremely hard work and patience and also Huw Alan who stepped in on the piano when required and did a great job. Many Thanks to All. Next stop Festival No6....

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